Practical information


Bridge across Holme Å

The tent is set up at a primitive tent site

The trail has lots of good places for fishing

A typical day’s hike will be between 10 and 25 kilometres, depending on your physical fitness. Large parts of the trail may only be accessed on foot and from Bække to Varde dogs are not allowed. The areas have been made accessible voluntarily by private landowners. During winter and autumn rubber boots will be necessary in certain areas and some stretches may be impassable because of the high water level in the river valleys. Between Vejle and Bække it is possible to ride a bike.

Overnight accomodation

Primitive tent sites are available along the trail where it is possible to spend one or two nights. There is access to water, privy and it is possible to set up bonfires. At some sites you will have to pay a minor nightly fee, the others are free of charge. The tent sites may only be used by hikers. However, the sites north of Karlsgårde Sø and at Janderup Kirke may also be used by people travelling by canoe.

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There are plenty of options for fishing both in Varde Å, Holme Å and Vejle Å. However, it is necessary to obtain a national fishing license (available at the post office) and a local fishing license, which is available on the way. Ask for a fishing license at a tourist office or grocery store. Only the national fishing license is needed for inshore fishing at the sea.

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Visitors travelling by car can use the available parking spaces. You can find information about public transportation at:


There are plenty of possibilities for shopping in small and larger towns along the route.


If you experience any problems with the route, the problem can be reported to: Varde Kommune, Mette B. Johnsen,, phone 45 7994 7486 and Bente Hansen,, phone 45 7681 2474