Across Jutland

This is what the ice front might have looked liked in Jutland during the Ice Age? 3D computer model/Naturplan

On the Coast to Coast Trail you will experience different types of landscapes and nature. Flat and wide river valleys change into rolling terrain in narrow river valleys from west to east.
This splendour was created during the latest Ice Age about 16,000 years ago. At that time the ice front was in the area between Bække and Hovborg. In front of the ice, the tundra was the home of the mammoth.

Flat river valley at the bottom part of Varde

Rolling landscape in the river valley at Vejle Å. Photo: Ole Malling

Flat valleys

From the ice front, large rivers of melted ice flowed to the west. Gravel and sand from the rivers formed the flat river valleys to the west.
Between the river valleys, you will find the so-called hill islands. They were formed during the previous ice age about 140.000 years ago.

Underneath the ice

To the east the ice pushed back and forth, forming new hills and valleys. The ice alternately pushed forward and pulled back, leaving a rolling landscape behind. This is the landscape now found in large parts of Vejle Ådal.