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The trail goes through Vejle Ådal south of Skibet along the main road. At Knabberup Sø, the trail leads north to Vejle at Trædballe.


1. Lake: Knabberup Sø

Knabberup Sø from the east

Osprey. Photo: Per Christensen

The lake covers 64 acres and is the result of a successful cooperation between the municipality of Vejle and the former county of Vejle. The construction of inlet and outlet pipes in the river dike has created the large wetland, which prior to 2004 consisted of meadows, trees, playing fields and farm land.

The birds quickly repaid the favour. After the lake was finished, no less than 110 different species of birds have been spotted in the area. Noteworthy species, which are often spotted foraging in the area are marsh harrier, kite, and sometimes the osprey. Some years, the rare penduline tit breeds in the area and in the twilight, you can hear the singing of nightingales as well as the grasshopper warbler. Honey buzzards and green woodpeckers breed in the forest around the lake. Most common Danish waterfowl can be found here, either making a halt or breeding, including several species of surface-feeding ducks, diving ducks, grebes, swans, geese and wading birds. The common heron, cormorant and sometimes also fishing terns reveal that fish also have found their way to the new lake.

The lake efficiently removes nitrogen and phosphorus from the water flowing into the area from the surrounding area. Test in 2005 showed that the lake 10.2 tonnes of nitrogen entered the lake. Of this, 5.3 tonnes was removed by bacteria. The bacteria transform the nitrogen into gas, which subsequently becomes a natural component of the air. 278 kg of phosphorus was reduced to 120 kg over the course of one year. Phosphorus is either absorbed by water plants or is deposited in the lake encapsulated in organic materials.

It is possible to take a walk on the dike, which separates Vejle Å and Knabberup Sø. The best place to start the walk is at the sports fishers’ clubhouse at the western end of the lake.

2. Vejle

The Coast to Coast Trail starts or ends in Vejle the name of which is derived from the old Danish word for fort (Wæthæl).

Vejle was founded in the 12th century in Vejle Ådal where Grejs Å and Vejle Å stream into Vejle Fjord. When the county of Koldinghus was abolished in 1796, Vejle became the administrative centre of the area even though Vejle was the smallest royal borough in the county. The town faced grave financial problems and had problems with both trade and the shipping industry. The main reason was poor access to the town. A new harbour and the construction of the railway from Fredericia to Århus in 1868 became the precondition for Vejle’s industrial development with the textile, metal and steel industries as the major trades.
The increase in population was explosive. In 1870, the town had about 6,000 inhabitants. This number grew to 20,000 in 1916 – a huge growth in the light of the measly population of 800 in 1801. Today, 104,000 people live in the municipality of Vejle.

Many of the remains of Vejle’s old industries have now disappeared but the area around the harbour, the many railway bridges and old multi-storey buildings are evidence of an expansive period in the history of Vejle. Many of the industrial buildings remain as well – the spinning mills in Vestbyen, M. Jørgensen’s Frøhandel and Th. Wittrups Uldvare- og Tæppefabrik A/S in Grejsdalen and De Danske Bomuldsspinderier at the harbour. Several of the industrial buildings are now used for other purposes and as such they are still an active part of the town.

3. Økolariet (The Ecolarium)


Økolariet is a unique knowledge and experience centre dealing with nature, the environment and energy. It lies centrally in Vejle and is close to Vejle railway station. Free admission.

In Økolariet’s permanent exhibit, local and global topics are presented, such as:

  • The state of nature
  • The circulation of water
  • Waste and recycling
  • Energy and resources
  • Homes and consumption
  • Technology and innovation
  • Architecture
  • City and landscape planning

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