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The Coast to Coast Trail
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Holme Å ved Okslund

Vittrup Baun

The trail leads through the river valley at Holme Å between Hovborg and Bække. North of Okslund, between Ravnhøj Plantation and Holme Å lies a beautiful rolling heath area. Further to the east, you can take a detour to the north to Vorbasse Sønderhede. Furthest to the east the path takes you through the meadows at the source of Holme Å.



1. Vittrup Baun. If you go south you can visit Vittrup Baun, which rises 101 m above the sea. At the top, there is a tower with a great view.

2. Vorbasse Krigshavn(Vorbasse War Harbour) and market town.
If you take a detour to the north you can visit Vorbasse War Harbour – a pond with battle ships. Vorbasse is an old market town. Each year in the middle of June, on some days the town is visited by in the region of 100,000 people who want to shop at the market. The market is probably a continuation of an old market around a spring. In the Middle Ages, the town had a well-visited healing spring at the church. The church lies on its own east of the present town. It is Romanesque but was already expanded in the 15th century with a transepts and a tower. It is believed that the area between the church and the town is the old market square. You can find a local history museum in Vorbasse and a memorial stone, commemorating the famous market entertainer professor Labri. Vorbasse is also surrounded by large ”merchant plantations” but the king tried to get have the large heaths cultivated by German colonists already in 1760, who were promised riches beyond measure. The promises could not be kept so they went elsewhere. The place name ”Frederiksnåde” (Frederik’s Favour) bears witness to one of the colonies and the interests of the king.

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