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The Coast to Coast Trail
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The trail follows Holme Ådal through Baldersbæk Plantation. Then follows a stretch of beautiful meadow areas until the trail passes Hovborg.


1. Treherredsstenen (The Three-Shire Stone)


Villa Baldersbæk

Right at the river bank below Baldersbæk you will find a three-faced stone. The stone was erected in 1912 by Holger Petersen at the spot where three shires (which in Denmark were old military districts) meet. Treherredstenen depicts three men, all of whom were important to the area and for the so-called plantation case.: E. M. Dalgas, who faces Slaugs Herred, publican J.C. Sørensen, who faces Skads Herred, and forester I. C. Sørensen, who faces Malt Herred. Under each head is indicated which plantations are in the individual shires and when they were established. The stone is cut by the sculptor Anders Bundgaard.

2. Villa Baldersbæk

A merchant, Holger Petersen, invested both money and energy in the planting of the plantation around Hovborg. He managed to get wealthy people from Copenhagen interested in the project and in 1891 he bought a decayed farm on the heath and 852 acres of land. Here he laid out Baldersbæk Plantage and built the impressive Villa Baldersbæk. The driveway to the villa is adorned with a number of sandstone sculptures, which originally were on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

3. Hovborg Nature Exhibition

Hovborg Nature Exhibition

Just west of Hovborg lies a small house with an exhibit on the area around Hovborg.

The exhibition tells stories from the area – from glaciers to farm land and from petty travelling merchants to Dalgas – and the present inhabitants of Hovborg.

There are models of bows and arrows, which early hunters in the area used to hunt for game and of prehistoric axes, which were used to clear the forests when agriculture was introduced. You can practice your knowledge of nature by studying stuffed birds and animals and by guessing animal prints or looking at plants, berries and cones before setting out on the trail. If you want to know more, you can look through a large book of maps, which contains lots of information about the area past and present.

On the back wall of the house, you will find a large painting, depicting the period from the last Ice Age to present day Hovborg. The painting was made by Lars Ringgaard. In other words, there is a chance of getting to know what Holme Å can offer.

The exhibition is very suitable to be visited by families, schools and other groups. A green area is found outside the building with plenty of room for play and with tables and benches for your lunch.

The exhibition is open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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