Map 6. Hostrup - Tofterup

The Coast to Coast Trail
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The path follows Holme Å on the south side of the river valley where you will pass the Abild Hede heath. From here the path crosses the river and you follow the river on the northern bank to Tofterup. Here, the church Vester Starup lies beautifully right next to the river. Right after Tofterup the path crosses the river once again. Here, it is also possible to walk on the northern bank of the river.

1. Church: Vester Starup Kirke

Hiking at Holme Å with Vester Starup Kirke in the background

Starup Church is a small village church, lying beautifully on a small hill south of Holme Å. The choir and nave are Romanesque from about 1200 and built of granite coping and fieldstone. The tower was built around 1500. After a storm in 1859, the tower was rebuilt in its present form. An old porch was torn down and instead the bottom part of the church was converted to a porch with access from the north side of the church. In the church you will find a very impressive altarpiece from approx. 1520.

According to tradition, there has been a holy spring in connection with the church, called S. Syllatze’s Spring, to which diseased people and cripples flocked in the Middle Ages. The spring has been searched for for many years but in 2000 the spring was found by accident in connection with a draining project. Today, a stair has been set up, allowing people to go down to have a closer look at the spring.

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