Map 5. Karlsgårde Sø - Nordenskov

The Coast to Coast Trail
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Karlsgårde Sø

The path continues along the northern side of Karlsgårde Sø, which gets its water from a 17 km long system of canals from the Holme Å and Varde Å rivers. The path follows Holme Kanal to Holme Å. From here the path follows the canal along the southern part of Holme Ådal to Hostrup Stemmeværk where some of the water from Holme Å is directed to Holme Kanal. The path continues through Holme Ådal to Haltrup.


1. Tambour's Gardens

At the eastern part of Karlsgårde Sø lies Tambours Have (Tambour’s Gardens), which cover 30,000 m2 with plants from all over the world. Among other things, you will find a geographic garden, a Japanese garden and a garden with medical plants. The gardens were established by master tailor Tambour in the 1940’s and the gardens became his life’s work. When Tambour died, the gardens were taken over by the local authorities in 1979. In the gardens you will find roofed areas where you can enjoy any food you may have brought along.

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