Map 3. Billum Enge - Varde Kær

The Coast to Coast Trail
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The trail follows the meadows on the northern side of Varde Å to Janderup Ladeplads. The trail continues east to Varde Kær.


1. Janderup Church and entrepot

Janderup Church is situated right at Varde Å

The church lies in an open area at Varde Å and is an impressive Romanesque building. West of the church lies the entrepot, which is a natural harbour where most ships had to transfer their goods to barges to be able transport their goods all the way to Varde. Between the church and the entrepot lies the old inn, which for a long time also functioned as a ferryman’s house. Today, the entrepot is supplemented with a wooden jetty, where boats can moor. You will also find a pillar marking high water during floods and a primitive tent site managed by the parish.

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