Migration of birds

Krikænder på træk

At Blåvandshuk you can experience large-scale migration of birds, especially ducks and waders. Sea birds such as gannets are often spotted at the sea. The birds are most numerous in autumn.

Meadow birds

The area around Ho Bugt has large meadows with lots of birds. Here, you will be able to spot redshanks, oystercatchers, lapwing and marsh harriers.

River valley birds


Grey heron


If you spot a bird rapidly shooting across the water, you have seen the kingfisher. In spite of its brilliant colours it can be hard to spot. It lives off small fishes and water bugs, which it catches by plummeting from a vantage point above the water.

Common snipe

During May and June, you can hear the neighing “song” of the common snipe above the wet meadows along the river.

Along the river bank, you will often be able to spot the common heron – patiently waiting for an unwary fish. It builds its nest in tall trees, often far away from the river.

At the fields and meadows, you are accompanied by the song of the skylark everywhere. It is said that if the skylark sings early in the morning, the weather will be good.


Floating above the river valley, a bird of prey with wide wings, a round head and a short tail is often seen – the buzzard.

In Vejle Ådal, which is a breeding location for the red kite, it is possible to spot several breeding pairs.